Self Compassion

Self-compassion isn't about avoiding accountability or ignoring areas where growth is needed. Instead, it's a foundation for growth and self-improvement. It allows you to address difficulties with a compassionate mindset, which often leads to more effective problem-solving and healthier coping mechanisms.
As a mental health resource, self-compassion acts as a buffer against stress, anxiety, and depression. Research suggests that individuals who practice self-compassion tend to have better overall psychological well-being. It supports emotional resilience, fosters a healthier self-image, and promotes better relationships with others by cultivating a more empathetic and understanding approach.

Developing self-compassion takes time and practice. It involves being mindful of your self-talk, treating yourself with the same care you would offer a friend, and being patient with yourself as you navigate life's challenges.

Kristen Neff is a leading researcher in this field.  Her website is full of resources, articles and strategies. I highly recommend checking it out.