"The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction not a destination."

- Carl Rogers

Treatment for various concerns 

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Life can feel isolating or difficult in various ways.  For many of us this feeling, while relatable, may be hard to articulate, or perhaps it might seem challenging for others to understand.  A lot of what counselling can do is simply provide a space.  A contained and confidential space that's just for you, where your experiences can be met with curiosity and compassion.  Some folks may identify with a mental health diagnosis, and some may not.  Often people seek counselling for such concerns, but it is not necessary.  My main areas of interest are listed below.  

  • Anxiety & Stress Management
  • Depression
  • Family History
  • Relational Trauma 
  • Self-Discovery & Personal Growth
  • Life Transitions & Adjustments
  • Mindfulness 

Therapeutic Modalities

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I specialize in mindfulness-based techniques, cognitive-behavioral strategies/Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.  My approach is concerned both with the individual and the systems level, with consideration for the environmental factors relevant to the client.

My approach is trauma informed. 

Trauma-informed counselling recognizes and addresses the impact of trauma on an individual's mental, emotional, and physical well-being, providing support with sensitivity and understanding. It prioritizes safety, trust, and empowerment, aiming to avoid re-traumatization while fostering healing and resilience.

What to Expect

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Before we begin I will request that you fill out short form outlining some basic information about what you are looking for.  This will help me determine if I may be a good fit for you, and make the most of our 15 minute consultation. 

In the initial consultation, the time will be used for a short conversation.  This is not a time for therapy, or to discuss your story in great detail.  This is a time for a conversation where you can describe in general terms the nature of your concerns and what you may be looking for.  I can also answer questions, and give you some more insight into what to expect from me, and how I work.  To book a free consultation click here.  

In sessions you can expect to take the opportunity to reflect on your current emotional state, and any situations in your recent life or past that you would like to process.  There will be a strong emphasis on ensuring you are understood and seen.  Depending on your level of comfort and readiness, a variety somatic and cognitive interventions will be offered.  Either to be practiced in session or to be engaged with on your own time.  

What NOT to expect.  In general you can expect that I will not be giving advice regarding your life decisions.  Unless I have significant concerns about your well-being I will avoid giving directives about your life.  For example you may be wondering about quitting your job, or ending a relationship.  In a case such as this, I will provide space for you to consider the factors in your decision, I will ask thoughtful and pointed questions to help you see the issue from multiple angles, and I will support you by holding a confidential space to discuss these concerns.   


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$140 plus GST - per 50 min Individual remote counselling session

For those who may not have insurance coverage, or who are concerned about financial limitations, please inquire about my sliding scale.  

Greenheart counselling offers remote services to residents living anywhere in British Columbia, Canada.